Marwal head bust.

The only usefull information I’ve found on Marwal Inc:

“Marwal Industries Inc. created plaster figures and busts in Miami from around the 1940s to the 1960s. They are collectibles and each can be seen selling on the Internet anywhere from $50 to $150.”

” Marwal Industries was a commercial producer of classic reproductions.”

I got my first one when I was doing one of my raids in my grandmothers attic where I found the hawaiian one and even though she is in really, really bad shape she is still my favourite one since I was told my grandfather brought it back home with him from a work trip to the states. img_0926 These two my mom got me at ebay and picked them up during a trip to the states. img_0924 img_0925 img_0923 I also had this one, but she broke on the way home from the states. And with that my heart also broke a little. I am currently working on getting my hands on another one. She is by far the most beautiful one. 297_womensheadsculpturebust-006 This here is another one I’ve only seen once, the other ones I’ve seen a few times here and there. 0153_12


4 responses to “Marwal head bust.

  1. In the 60’s I worked freelance for Marwal & sculpted the figures you have. If you want to talk to me via e-mail I’d be happy to tell you more & if I can find it I probably have a catalog someplace around aswell as some of the other pieces I did. Blossom

    • Hi Blossom,
      I was doing research on a Marwal piece that I have and found your comment in my search. I hope that you don’t mind me writing to you. I’m trying to obtain information about a Marwal plaster sculpture of probably a Roman goddess lying on a lounge. Above the Marwal inscription, it reads ‘M. Lucchesi 1968’. It’s a large heavy piece, and really quite lovely. I have two emails: and It would be great if you could write to both. Thanks, Marc

    • Blossom,
      I’d love to hear more about when and where you did work for Marwal. I have the bust you created of the Geisha Girl with the fan. Were they mass produced and were they sold through retail channels? I’n not sure how my grandmom aquired this piece. Thanks for any info that you can give me on this item. Todd King

  2. Hi,
    I have a Marwal bust of an Asian girl by Brower similar to, but not exactly like, the second one on this page.
    I am trying to learn more about it, so please contact me.

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